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Bot and Web Development- GemBot


GemBot is our first bot. She is now running on version 2.0 via the Tidio platform and runs on multiple sites we manage. In addition to using chatbots for customer service we also have GemBot run marketing and advertising campaigns for us. She is also our personal assistant thanks to creative ingenuity and Zapier integrations.

We love building chatbots for websites and would love to build you a custom bot complete with a custom avatar and action GIFs for your site. Check out GemBot’s different scripts and uses on our different websites down below.

Talk to GemBot – GemBot is our first bot and personal assistant. She runs our main site and blog,

Talk to DirtyNerdyBot – DirtyNerdyBot is what we named the chatbox that GemBot lives in on this site, It’s still GemBot but she lives here and helps to manage this site so we have programmed her a bit differently to best suit our needs.

Talk to PornBot – PornBot loves porn, she runs our porn page and is programmed to share some very naughty things.

Talk to BookBot – BookBot is our newest bot, she manages Gem Stoned’s author profile and book blog, keeping track of and sharing new releases or great sales over at

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