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Dirty nerdy media provides a variety of adult-friendly media services. Services include graphic design, motion graphics, print graphics, chatbots and web development and audio narrations. Scroll down for more information on these services and the purchasing process.

See our chart below for an overview of available services and special launch pricing.

Dirty Nerdy Media Services Overview

Please be advised that our pricing will be changing in October 2020

Services Dirty Nerdy Media

Please be advised that our pricing will be changing in October 2020


Graphic Design

Need flyers, logos, price lists and other promotional graphics? Graphic Design for your official Merch? Banners and backgrounds? We’ve got you when it comes to Graphics at low rates to help you make more money!

Motion Graphics

Bored of regular flyers? Want new fun intro’s, transitions and effects for your videos? We’ve got you covered from custom GIF’s to custom motion graphics and video flyers.

Find out more about our Graphic options HERE!

Bots & Web Development


Make your life easier while engageing your fans in new and exciting ways with a bot. After a consult we will build you a bot that suits your needs and walk you through the set up and management process in automating tasks. Monthly Chatbot maintenance available at a low monthly rate.

Web Development

Want your own official site? After a consult we will build you an SEO optimized website designed around your specific needs. We will walk you through the domain purchase and set up as well as the payment processing options and application should you wish to process payments on your website. We offer continued maintenance services at different tiers to suit your personal web management needs.

Click Here to learn more about our ChatBots and Websites

Print Media

Coloring Books

Custom Coloring Books and Coloring Pages Available, turn your fans favorite images into an adult-rated coloring book and be featured on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Check out our current available Coloring Books on Amazon


Turn your self into stickers! Add your website or social handle to turn your stickers into unique business cards!

Tshirts & Merch

Want official brand merch? Bring your design concepts to life and then to your store, create Tshirts, Masks, Mugs and More!

Find out more about our Printed Media options HERE!

*Please be advised that our pricing will be raising in October 2020*

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