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About Dirty Nerdy Media

Owned and operated by adult film star and creative mastermind Gem Stoned, Dirty Nerdy Media offers Graphic Design and Web Development services. They also offer CGI animation and AI Bot creation. The company came to life in June of 2020 after Gem realized how passionate she was for the digital arts.

I was sitting on my computer creating motion graphic memes to de-stress one day. After several hours, I realized how much time had gone by. This lead me to realize how much I love graphic design. As a result, I decided to start Dirty Nerdy Media. It couldn’t hurt to start being productive with the hobby I spend hours a day on.

Gem Stoned
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Gem Stoned got her start with photography and videography in 2002. She has been interested in Graphic design since she discovered Photoshop in 2006. Her experience has since grown to include motion graphics, animation, and web coding. Although she enjoys being in the spotlight she truly loves all the magic happening on the editing screens.

I’ve always been into exploring different mediums for creation and self-expression. I love all art forms, especially physical art, but digital art has captivated me above all. With digital art damn near anything is possible.

Gem Stoned

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